Dedicated to Professional Home Inspections in New Mexico

Home Ownership is undoubtedly the “American Dream”, however for the uninformed buyers that dream can quickly become a nightmare. This is true because any home that has not been Properly Inspected by a Professional Home Inspector can harbor costly mistakes, Even newly constructed homes!

The truth is that Professional Home Inspectors can spot things that the untrained eye may not notice. Many homebuyers assume that they do not need a home inspection. They simply rely on their eye and their intuition to check a property’s quality and safety. That can be a costly, and dangerous, mistake.

Before You Begin

When you put in an offer on a house, make sure to leave room for a home inspection. In some areas this will be called an “option period.” Others will simply call it a contingency.

Whatever name is used, there needs to be a clause in the real estate contract allowing the potential homebuyers to either back out or renegotiate in case of uncovered problems.

 Why Hire a Professional?

New Mexico Home Inspections is dedicated to providing you with the best possible service and a very detailed inspection. With over 30 years in the construction industry our eyes are trained to focus in on the small details that the untrained eye could miss.

An inspection by a qualified home inspector can save potential homebuyers time, money, and heartache. Inspections generally cost a few hundred dollars—a relatively small price to pay to protect such a large investment.